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Transforming Organizational Challenges into Opportunities

The GOLD Beacon fulfills your agency's
 strategic, development, and training needs.

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The 10 Steps to Start a Successful Nonprofit

Grant Management




Our expert grant team comprehensively conducts research, writing, and reporting.

Push the refresh button on your organization with our project management services, assessments, and logic model facilitation.

From Curriculum Development to Instruction, our team prepares and delivers engaging, relevant, and impactful content.

Stop burnout and start breathing with our services in strategic planning, SWOT analysis, and policy analysis.

Client Testimonials

"Kim Henry brings strong organizational and interactional skills when working with clients on proposals for funding. She is astute in reviewing guidelines for funding and in developing written responses that are in keeping with the funders' expectations. She is an asset to our grant writing team."

Gary Bess Associates

Lincoln, CA

501(c)(3) San Angelo, TX

Highly recommend The Gold Beacon for any of their services. They helped us double the funds of our biggest fundraiser of the year. Get in touch with them!!!

Stephen Humphreys, PhD

American Veterans

Archeological Recovery

Grant writing/research is so tedious, and I just don't have the time. But Kimberly is a GEM! She contacts the Grant Managers and talks to them to get a better idea of our odds, and then creates a comprehensive strategy to help you grow. She is worth her weight in gold. It would have taken me months to put together the product that she seamlessly put together. I really don't know how she does it. She's a damn genius and worth every penny.

Gary Bess, PhD

Through God Comes Justice

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Beacon: a source of light or inspiration
Beacons are centered.
Beacons are self-sustaining.
Beacons guide you to where you want to be.
Beacons are there when you need them most.

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