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Kimberly Henry, Founder of The GOLD Beacon, LLC served 10 years in the U.S. Navy. 

Her primary job: Intelligence Analyst; Her passion: Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy. 

Her skills and dedication provide the perfect combination to help any military service member or veteran.

Military & Veterans

You fought for us, we fight for you.

VA Claim

Military Sexual Assault (MST) Referrals

Crisis Response Program

Consulting for veteran serving Non-profits

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Kim's Military Background

Kim Henry is a disabled Veteran. It is something she kept to herself; and even procrastinated getting a recommended service dog.  Doing this, she realized that she was only aiding the negative stigma around veterans, especially women veterans and veterans with disabilities.

Therefore, Kim has made it her mission to serve every Veteran possible. Her 10 years in the Navy let her sail the world three times, but she was also opened to a new world where she found her passion. Certain aspects of the military environment, culture, and leadership concerned Kim enough for her to separate from the Navy honorably and pursue advocacy and social change full time. Since leaving the service in 2019 Kim has dedicated herself to fighting for military service members, veterans, and their families.


Take a look at some of her successful endeavors.

  • Navigated the VA Claims process for other veterans to get them the help they need and deserve;

  • Found an immediate space in treatment for a veteran ready to address his drug addiction;

  • Participated in veteran funeral services including providing separated families with a flag that wasn't provided by the funeral home;

  • Educated service members about Inspector General reports so they could make an educated decision if to move forward or not;

  • Been a voice and continues to fight for sexual assault prevention and response in the military by sharing her story with others and encouraging others to let their voice be heard;

  • Assisted national non-profits in developing their services for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.

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