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Grant Managment

At The GOLD Beacon, we do more than write a grant application. We understand the importance of sustainability in a program. Therefore, we use a comprehensive approach to securing grants for both non-profit and for-profit agencies to ensure the grants support the sustainability of the agency.

We provide:

  • Non-Profit profile development on Grant websites that funders use to verify agency status

  • Power Prospectus

  • Funding Strategy

  • Budgeting Outlines

  • Funder and Grantee Communication Management

  • and of course a WINNING GRANT APPLICATION.

Flexible Payment Planning

Why The GOLD Beacon, PLLC?


Grant writers are responsible for gathering the necessary elements to write a successful grant application. In our approach, we meticulously research relevant grants that your agency has a great chance of winning. Filtering through grants to identify grants that will be worth your time and effort will be present in the grant application we submit. The funder will understand your dedication to your mission and uphold the values they look for in grantees.  Furthermore, there will be multiple deliverables throughout the grant process that we will provide for you to use regardless of how far you want to go in securing grants.

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