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Nonprofit agencies - Are you tired of being tired?

We have done some minor branding updates that have a significant impact. We provide Nonprofit Sustainability Solutions. The GOLD Beacon, PLLC, will always be ready to "guide your goals home." But who is the "your?" What are the "goals?" How big of "goals?"

We know everyone has different challenges, different missions, and different resources. Rather than seek consulting or services from 10 various agencies, The GOLD Beacon provides full-service nonprofit consulting. Whether you need to know which grants to apply for and when, you need help organizing a significant awareness event, or you don't even know what you need. We will guide you to not just a solution for the current challenge but to sustainable solutions.

Sustainable solutions? Yes!! We aren't in this business to get a contract and call you a client. We are here to develop your agency's projects and build your capacity. The GOLD Beacon wants to see you thrive, not just survive. By us strengthening your nonprofit, you are supporting the communities you serve.

What about for-profits? Yes, we help them too. Logic models, strategic plans, and curriculum development are tools for any agency, and we love to work with all agencies to develop theirs.

So contact us now not just to solve a problem but to be prepared to conquer any that comes your way without unnecessary struggles. #development#nonprofit#grantmanagement#organization#learning#development#capacity#capacitybuilding#sustainability


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